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Jackson County:


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    Everyone has heard of the Shakespeare Festival and the heartwarming ambiance of Ashland.  Site of Southern Oregon University, this town is alive and vibrant. A great many bed and breakfast establishments for a comfortable stay.

Eagle Point:
    A smaller, quiet town located a little more then ten miles from Medford on Crater Lake Hwy. Towards Crater Lake. Enjoy a top rated golf course, as well as several historic buildings and sites in this charmning nook of Southern Oregon.

   The hub of commerce in early Southern Oregon due to a flood of successful gold miners in a nearby area. If you're looking for a place with historic value, look no further. With more then 100 buildings on the National Register or Historic Places lists. This is truly a throwback town from another area.

     The major city in southern Oregon, Medford offers a cosmopolitan yet uniquely friendly environment. The symphony, several playhouses and lots of parks and golf courses among other activities make Medford a continuing source of discovery and fun. You can find what you need in Medford!

    Located just 24 miles north of the California border. Shops, resturaunts, and a genuwine small town vibe make this small town a great place to visit for a day. Or lay some more permanant roots and call home!

    Another extremely historic town, Prospect started as a logging community in 1870. Surrounded by areas of natural beauty and recreational fun for all seasons, it has remained a stopping point for Crater Lake tourists since the early 1900's.

Rogue River
    The idyllic village of Rogue River nestles on the conflux of Evans Creek and the Rogue River. This quaint town is close to Grants Pass and within easy commuting distance to Medford and Ashland.

     An up and coming community nestled between Ashland and Medford. This small town has be experiencing a period of substantial growth both commercialy and residentially. It's a great place to start a family due to several new construction neighborhoods and subdivisions.

White City:
     A small town between Medford and Eagle Point, White City is known mostly for it's lumber mill Boise Cascade. As well as being the gateway to the Table Rock formations, which are one of the most stunning hikes in Oregon.



Josephine County:


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Cave Junction:
     The second largest city in Josephine County, Cave Junction is a thriving community located about halfway between Grants Pass and the Oregon Coast on Hwy 199. Unparralelled outdoor beauty makes this area a year-round vacation spot for visitors of all styles and ages.    

Grants Pass:
    A bustling city on the Rogue River with many recreational alternatives. Golf, river rafting, hiking, camping, fishing and a small airport nearby.  Only an hour and a half from the ocean. Great climate!  Grants Pass is the site of the Grants Pass Downs, for horse racing.  Call 541-476-6234 for more information.  Rogue Community Collegea state of the art hospital,Three Rivers Community Hospitaland several playhouses (along with many other amenities) make Grants Pass very comfortable.

     The little town of Merlin is located just a few miles north of Grants Pass on I-5. Some of the best whitewater and fishing guides in all of Oregon are located here. Come spend a day in what has come to be known as "The Gateway to the Wild and Scenic Rogue!"   

     Originally Slate Creek Post, This tiny community became Wilderville in 1878. Located between Grants Pass and Cave Junction. Wilderville has remained quaint through the years. Blink and you might drive right by it! That being said, it is a beautiful area surrounded by hills, creeks, and forests to explore.


Climate, population, statistical data.


Located on I-5, Ashland, Medford and Grants Pass are the major towns in the area. The area is midway between Portland, 273 miles north, and San Francisco 373 miles south. Medford is just 27 miles north of the California border and 2 hours to the Pacific ocean.

Elevation, Climate

Elevation of Ashland is 2,000 feet
Elevation of Medford is 1,382 feet
Elevation of Grants Pass is 950 feet
Climate is very mild, without the heavy rainfall of northern Oregon: average in   Jackson and Josephine Counties is 19-29″.
Summer median temperature is 94 degrees
Winter median temperature is 36 degrees
Humidity is low.

Populations (approximate and rounded up from 1990 census)

Ashland population is 17,000 in the city and 24,000 in the district
Central Point population is 10,000
Gold Hill population is 1,000
Grants Pass population is 18,000 in the city and 44,458 in the district
Jacksonville population is 2,000
Medford population is 47,000 within the city, 90,000 in the district
Phoenix population is 3,500
Rogue River population is 2,000
Talent population is 3,500
White City population is 6,000

Average Homes Prices

Jackson County average is $137,250
East Medford average is $151,800
West Medford average is $96,500
Grants Pass average is $175,000


There is no sales tax in Oregon.
Property tax is $14.45 per thousand of assessed value (as compared to $12.5 in Santa Clara County, CA)
Income tax is 5%, 7% or 9%, depending on level of income
Total tax burden puts Oregon 13th of 50 states


There are five excellent, well-equipped hospitals in the Rogue Valley with over 300 physicians. Patients are air-lifted to Medford’s hospitals from all over southern Oregon and northern California.

Higher Education

Southern Oregon University in Ashland has approximately 4,500 students. It offers undergrad and graduate programs.

Rogue Community College has many locations and offers lower-division courses and vocational training.